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The Keys to the Storehouse of Grace: How to find Peace

Easier said than done, right? “Let the peace of Christ rule in your heart.” Col. 3:15 Well, it’s especially difficult when something is not right. When you’ve been hurt by someone you trusted or trials surround you–one disaster after another seem to be coming your way. “Let the peace of Christ rule in your heart.” How do we do that? …

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The Need for White Space: Three Ways to Create It

    I rearranged furniture last weekend to accommodate a large group coming to my house. We moved in chairs for the extra bodies that would be in the room. But once the guests were gone and the chairs returned to their original rooms, I decided that I would leave the coffee table where I’d moved it, in the middle …

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Would You Like to Help Me Write a Book?

There are two prayers that have changed my life. I remember teaching one to a group of middle school girls. We sat in a circle on the carpeted floor in one of the Sunday school rooms of the church. I loved teaching them. As a young stay-at-home-mommy, this was my one time of the week to do what I loved …

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Bite of Bread: Bible Reading Plan for Peace

Have you watched the news lately? It’s troubling. Civil War threatens Ukraine while Russia positions to pounce on the weakened country. Over 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped in Nigeria. A worldwide campaign from LA to London rallied #BringBackOurGirls pressuring the Nigerian government to work harder to find them. It is feared many have been sold into marriages. I don’t watch the news …

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Word Wednesday: How to find peace/ (Eirene) and Key-Word Give-Away!

    Two weeks is a long time when you’re waiting for life-changing news. I was advised not to tell my soldier-husband, deployed to fight a war called Desert Storm, that something could be terribly wrong with the baby inside my womb. Distractions could risk his life. So, I wrote this frightening story in my journal for him to read later. I remember …

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