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Bite of Bread: Week of Worship

Mojave desert Psalm 633


This has been one of my favorite verses and chapters of the Bible for a long time.

[bctt tweet=”I love how David worshiped God. I want to worship Him like he did. #worship”]

Chewing on Psalm 63 bite by bite this week will help me do that. Care to join me?

Here’s the Bite of Bread schedule for the week. Jot it down or take a screen shot. It’s easy to remember this week. (Smile). Pour some coffee, grab your journal, and let’s worship.

Bite of Bread Psalm 63 2nd

This week I’m going home to the land of cowboys and boots, cattle and red dust. I’m going home to Oklahoma to visit family. My Periscopes may or may not happen. I’ll Scope Monday morning, but Tuesday I will be travelling. If I do get a chance later in the week, I’ll be broadcasting from the piece of the world where I fell in love with the stars in the big sky and the God who created them, where I rode my 3-speed bicycle with Kerrie Jones and wore my hair in braids like Laura Ingalls. Sometimes you just need to go home.

At least I won’t be in a foreign country where I can’t use my data! So, I’m hoping to get one scope in at least, and I’ll shoot for 8:20 ET.

I’ll place pictures on Instagram. :)


Finding Purpose in Going Home,








  1. […] knew such experiences. David experienced encounters with the Living God. He writes in Psalm 63 (Our Bite of Bread for the week), “I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory.” This vision is so […]

  2. Have a wonderful trip! I’m feeling a need to visit my sister in OK soon too! I wanna see a picture of you in cowboy boots! I also love Psalm 63–Be blessed.

    1. Thank you, Sandy!I don’t own any cowboy boots LOL! But I used to. :)

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