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Bite of Bread: Strengthen Your Faith Muscles

Strengthen your faith

I’ve been trying to strengthen my legs. I don’t like the flab around the knees and want to define the muscles.

I know. It’s vanity. Gravity is taking it’s toll after 50 years of life. Was it Joyce Meyer who said one day she got out of bed and everything had fallen?

Anyway, despite vanity, I also want to stay healthy and strong. I walk sunrise and sunset almost everyday.

There are days when I wish that wishing would do the trick. But it doesn’t. Only physically working those muscles strengthens them.

My faith is the same way. I need to work my faith muscles. Prayer is one exercise, but I find what strengthens me the most is studying the Bible. Its promises and wisdom build up my faith muscles like nothing else.

The scriptures this week are specifically chosen to help build up your faith muscles. Some advise us how to walk this walk. Some are promises. Hold onto the promises.

Sometimes living builds our faith, but other times life can weaken us. We become weary. Unanswered prayers, sickness and disappointments can take a toll on our hearts. We have to . . .

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Bite of Bread Faith strengthener


Take a screen shot or jot down the “bites” for the week. Pour some coffee and grab your journal. It’s time to chew on God’s word for a little bit everyday. I look forward to sharing the insights I find digging into these verses every morning on Periscope at 8:20 ET. Periscope is a free app for smart phones that you can get if you have a Twitter account. But if all that’s too much to do, you can watch live or the replays on my Periscope channel Wordsbyandylee on your computer.

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Do you have a Scripture that strengthens your faith? Can’t wait to hear!

“Blessed is she who believes . . . ” Luke 1:45.


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