Bite of Bread

Bite of Bread: Scriptures for When Life is Hard

So much pain floods the headlines.

Terrorist attacks, political turmoil, and threats to our future.

Natural disasters break our hearts and stir our philanthropy, and that gives me hope when hatred seems to be winning the war.

All the world needs is love, right? 

The Bite of Bread is not just about love this week, but it’s about God’s presence, his faithfulness, and our actions in the midst of pain and suffering.

Bite of Bread Living in a broken

Gather your journal and Bible. Jot down this reading plan.



Time alone. If only ten minutes. Everyday.

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Journal your thoughts and listen for HIS. Journal those too. You’ll be glad you did. If you want to study the verses together and be encouraged every morning, join me on Periscope at 8:20 ET. I won’t be broadcasting Monday. Have a great Fourth of July!


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