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Bite of Bread Reading Plan for Valentines



Being married to a soldier who was often away training, deployed, or working around the clock seven days a week made me rely heavily on God. I learned that early on in our marriage when he fought in a war during the first year of our life together.

On returning from Desert Storm, we moved to Georgia and then North Carolina. I thought my husband was busy when we were stationed at Ft. Bragg, but our move to Germany proved that his job could require even more of him.

Despite his absence most of the time, I have such sweet memories of our years in Europe.  I know the beautiful surroundings and the smell of brotchen (bread) baking just down the street from our town-home made my heart ache a little less during lonely days, but there was something else that sweetens these memories.

I was desperate for my “quiet time” with God daily, so each afternoon after Drew fell asleep for a nap, and I awoke from my twenty minute power-nap, (cause I almost always fell asleep before that cute little chubby kid did) I crawled out of bed and tip-toed down the stairs.

Candle-flame-and-reflectionI would light  a candle, pour a cup of coffee, and spread my Bible study all over the table for my date with the Lord. 

It was during those days of desperately pressing into the Lord when I realized that He alone was my source. I liked to think of God as my cake and all my other blessings, Mike and the kids, icing on the top. They made life sweeter, but God was the substance that held it all together.

I used to pray that God would help me love Him more, but after years of walking with Jesus, I know that it isn’t my great love for Him that carries me through difficult days–it is knowing that He loves me.

It’s the week before Valentines Day, the Hallmark holiday designed to spend money on cards and chocolates. Being loved by other people is a wonderful thing, but I pray that as we chew on each “bite” of the reading plan, the knowledge of God’s love for us will go past our heads to our hearts. And if He isn’t your cake, He will be.

I’m convinced that nothing can stop us when we are assured of His love.

Bite of Bread God loves you

We find our purpose in the heart of God.

Join me each morning at 8:15 ET on Periscope to unpack the verse for the day. Periscope is an app you get on your phone for free. It connects with your Twitter account. It’s fun to share the “bites” together, but if you can’t meet us, you can replay the broadcast on  .


Finding Purpose in God’s Cake,





  1. Janice

    Andy, thank for staring my day off with this beautiful, meaningful devotion! Feeling a sweet, loving feeling with My Heavenly Papa! P.S. Our early devotions are so appreciated!

    1. Thank you Janice! I’m so thankful they are encouraging to you and you’re feeling His love. That’s my prayer. Much love to you! Thankful for you.

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