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Bite of Bread: Palm Sunday Week Reading Plan

Blooming Azaleas when spring comes in north Carolina
Blooming Azaleas when spring comes to North Carolina

I love Easter. It’s my favorite holiday. I would like to tell you that it’s my favorite because I’m just that spiritual, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I love it because Easter always ushers in spring.

Even in cold climates where an Easter sweater is required rather than a new Easter dress because the snow won’t melt without a fight–or many consecutive days over 50 degrees , even there, Easter brings the promise of daffodils and hyacinths.

I love finding the promises of God in His creation–analogies of our spiritual journey. How difficult is it for a delicate tulip stem to push through hardened winter soil? Nothing of beauty and value births easy. Christ’s job wasn’t a walk through the clouds.

His victory did not come without one final difficult, torturous, and bitter day.

Yet before Christ was crucified, there were many promises He gave the disciples and one special moment when the people worshiped Him. We call it Palm Sunday because they waved Palm branches at Him and threw their cloaks on the ground as a makeshift red carpet.

I wonder if that ride into Jerusalem was more painful emotionally for Jesus than hanging on a cross.

On that day they worshiped the man they believed would take all their troubles away, but their fickle hearts would turn.  (I can’t wait for Word Wednesday to share one of my favorite posts.)

Copy down the BiteofBread and join me journaling these promises of Jesus, His wisdom, and what happened when He rode into Jerusalem knowing full well that each step toward this city was one more step to His last breath as a man on this earth.

Won”t you join me?


Enjoy. Savor the flavor of truth and promise. Chew. Ponder. Trust.

Bite of Bread Palm Sunday


I love doing life with you.

What’s your favorite Christian holiday? Why?




  1. Patricia Keough-Wilson

    Thoughts of flowers: My mom’s favorite flower was daffodils. The thought of those spring harbingers always stirs an exciting anticipation of spring, an intense hope. All tied somehow to Easter.

    1. I always love how impatient daffodils are. They are always the first to appear. Blessings on you Patricia and sweet memories of your mom stirred with the promise that we will see our loved ones again.

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