Bite of Bread: November 25-Dec. 1 (Week of Thankfulness)

It’s here! The very American holiday, Thanksgiving.

President Truman with a Turkey
President Truman receiving a turkey. Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


While we’re running around preparing the Turkey and trying new recipes for the stuffing, may we make this week a true week of thanksgiving.

Thankfulness is magical. It can turn even the gloomiest day into sunny.

…and don’t forget to reach out to those who don’t have family to share this holiday with.

But before you start cooking, take some time to light a candle, pour some coffee, grab a journal and Bible, and spend time in The Word.

It’s as life changing as thankfulness.

I’m reading with you…



  • Monday: 1 Chronicles 16:8-11
  • Tuesday: Psalm 9:1,2
  • Wednesday: Psalm 100
  • Thursday: Colossians 2:6,7
  • Friday: Colossians 3:15   *
  • Saturday: Psalm 95:1-7
  • Sunday: Philippians 4:4-7

* My favorite this week. I think I’ll memorize it!



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