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Bite of Bread: Lighting Our Hearts (Dec. 9-15)


christmas lights

The tree is up. Stockings are hung, and the nativity scene is carefully placed for all to see. The lights from the tree cheer the dreary winter days; they warm my heart though no heat radiates from the bulbs.

Christmas tree_2013

It’s my favorite part of Christmas.


The scriptures this week focus on Jesus, the Light of the World.

As you enjoy the lights of the season, celebrate the Light that came into the world so long ago. The reason why we string our trees with little bulbs that shine in the darkness…the reason for our…


I’m reading with you.

With Joy,



Light a candle, turn on the Christmas lights, pour some coffee and grab your journal. Immanuel is with you.


Monday: John 1:4,5

Tuesday: 2 Samuel 22:29

Wednesday: Psalm 18:28

Thursday: John 1:9

Friday: John 3:19-21

Saturday: 1 John 1:5

Sunday: John 8:12



  1. Yvette Wear

    Thank you for this Lighting Our Hearts post. As I was reading all of it and then the scriptures for the week I was reminded of a young woman I met a few years ago who was in the very early stages of recovery from addiction to heroin, among other substances. She told me how much she hated sunny days the whole time she was using. She kept shades and or blinds closed at all times and usually only went out at night to score her next fix. I remember being so broken hearted for her and not being able to understand why.anyone would want to live in the dark. This weeks blog and scriptures make it so very clear. She has been in recovery now for a few years and has told me many times since then that she took the blinds and curtains off her windows so she could always see the sun. Next time I see her I will share these scriptures with her.
    So happy to be getting these and for being back in touch with you
    Love you

    1. Oh Yvette, I’ve got tears in my eyes and chill-bumps all over. What a powerful testimony! Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope others read it! Praise God that the post blessed you and spoke to you. I’m so glad we are reconnected too. Love you too, andy

  2. Beth Jarrott

    Andy, thank you for the wonderful reminder that Christ is indeed the Light of the world!

    1. Thanks Beth! You’re welcome. What would we do if we didn’t have His light?

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