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Bite of Bread: He is Faithful


I’ve been waiting for an answer about something the last few weeks. I don’t wait gracefully, even after years walking with Jesus. I know most of us struggle with this. It’s simply not in our nature, is it? I’ve known for a long time that we don’t like to wait. It does give me a little comfort to know I’m not alone in this human infirmity.

But I’m also beginning to understand that along with patience, it is also counter-intuitive for us to trust. Some of us trust easier than others because we’ve not been hurt badly by other people. But some of us have an enormously difficult time trusting people and God because of the trauma we’ve endured.

Yet, i would venture to make the statement that there is something in us that is the real culprit of our natural tendencies of not trusting others or God. I believe that the drive in us to be independent and strong and do things on our own, that piece of pride nestled deep in our human hearts, makes it very hard for us to trust no matter what our past.

Our first inclination is often fear when the answer is different than we’d hoped. We fear what’s next. We doubt. We second guess. We wonder if we heard God wrong and if we should quit or change jobs or move or __________ you fill in the blank.

Trust is hard.

This weekend as I’ve  thought over and over about the answer I finally received–an answer that sent me on a rabbit trail of second guessing myself, my writing, my projects, and what to do next, Holy Spirit continues to whisper,

“I’m faithful.”

I have responded, “Thank you Lord. You are. I know. Help me trust and listen and only do what I hear you tell me.” And just like He usually does, the next step He gives me is simple, nothing grand or life changing. This is what He said,

“Write your post for the Bite of Bread.”

And so here I am wearing my life on my shirt sleeve (aka blog post) because the Lord led me to Scriptures for this week that are about His faithfulness. I can’t wait to share them with you and discuss these verses with ya’ll this week on our little Periscope pow-wow every morning. These verses send us back to the Rock. His goodness. His faithfulness. His. Not the world’s. HIS. And I know that as we read together, and as we dig, our trust in Him will be strengthened.



‘Jot these verses down in a journal or take a screen shot. Spend some time with the One who is waiting for you.


When do you have a hard time trusting God? Leave a comment and join the conversation .


Grace needed 24/7,






  1. Lisa

    I have a hard time trusting God when my children are sick. I struggle with the why – did God allow this? Is it the devil? It is my sin? Is it my faith? Is it just the fallen world that we live in? I can tend to get stuck there, rather than moving on to acceptance and moving forward.

    1. That is such a hard thing, Lisa. It’s so hard when it involves our children. The momma heart hurts and cries out. All I know is that when I’m angry with God, unable to trust Him, I’m restless and frustrated, but when I come back to His goodness (focusing on the Cross helps) my joy is restored. But I have not had children struggling with health issues. My prayers continue for you my friend. He’s writing your testimony.

  2. Debbie Johnson

    Recently retired from Education, I am struggling trusting God to lead me on my next path. Everything that comes my way, I wonder/question if God is telling me where to go/what to do. I feel Him speaking but not loud enough to feel confident in my next direction. Honestly, feeling a little lost and praying for the answer.

    1. Hi Debbie, Change is so hard. Our identity is tied up in what we do, and when that changes, we do feel lost. I’ll be praying for clarity and assurance of His leading. Open and closed doors! And peace!

  3. Dear Andy,

    I love this post – I can so identify! Just yesterday, as I thought about everything before me this week, I was tempted to worry. Quietly, the Holy Spirit suggested I could trust God instead, and He’s enabling me to do so. What an amazing difference! As Christians, we have the choice every day whether to trust God or not in everything we face. Yes, God is faithful, and He will see us through. Love you, friend.

    1. Emily, I love how the Holy Spirit “suggested” to you that you could trust God! It is that gentle nudge. Never demanding, just reminding. Thank you for sharing! I will be praying for you!! Much love!

  4. Janice

    Love how Our Heavenly Father allows us to be human… even uses for understanding to spread His Word. How can we truly understand so great salvation unless we go through the “fire”… Thanking HIM.. I get to start in His Word before I leave my bed!! Love your, Andy!

    1. It is so true, Janice! I’m always telling people that our struggles give us something to minister through! What a sweet thought that you read this before you get out of bed. XXXOOO So glad it encourages you and points you to Him. Love you!

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