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Bite of Bread: Feb. 24-Mar. 2 and The Premio Dardos Award


Premio Dardos Award
Premio Dardos Award



Awards are great, aren’t they? No matter how big or small, when someone gives you an award, it makes you feel like your hard work paid off. We all need that from time to time.

I was gifted an award a few months ago.

Photographer and blogger, Judy Royal Glenn honored me with The Premio Dardos Award on her blog Seeing Through God’s Eyes. Her photography is amazing…take a peek.

Premio Dardos means ‘prize darts’ in Italian. It’s given to recognize blogs that convey cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values.


How cool is that?

There’s a catch. I need to pay the award forward to at least 2 other blogs.

This is right up my alley. There’s nothing I love more than to encourage others, so I’m giving this award to 6 blogs I love to read. They each have a unique style and purpose. Each blogger courageously shares her heart.

Erika Unstuck: Erika writes encouraging posts for those living with chronic pain. She also loves to write about family and genealogy.

Anything is Possible: JoAnne’s posts range from faith to love to taking care of our world. She shares her story of finding long lost love.

S. Kim Henson’s Blog: Kim loves to laugh and she’ll make you laugh, but she also writes about some of our deepest wounds and the healing process.

The Stream’s Edge: Finding Hope’s Anchor in Life’s Storms, by Jeanne Doyon. I always feel like I’ve visited Jeanne with a cup of tea.

Emily Wickham: Emily writes about her faith journey encouraging others to follow Jesus.

The Beggars Bakery: Jana writes incredible posts about addiction recovery and faith.

I hope you’ll have time this week to visit these blogs.

And I hope this week’s Bite of Bread will inspire you to be an encourager every day. Life is more fun when you bless someone with a smile, phone call, compliment, etc. How do you encourage others?



 Bite of Bread for the week:

Journal (check). Bible (check). Pen (check).

Coffee (sip).

Candle (lit).

Breathe deep. Sit for awhile. And…


Bite of Bread Feb 24-March 2


See ya Wednesday.



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