Bite of Bread: Favorite Psalm Bites


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

My favorite breakfast is oatmeal, coconut oil, brown sugar, and blueberries. It’s like eating a cookie for my morning meal of the physical kind, but I can always tell when I don’t take time to feed my soul too.


Let’s feed our spirits every morning with the bites of Bread, the Bible kind. No cooking, toasting or brown sugar needed. Just one bite can give our spirits and minds something to chew on all day long helping to renew our thoughts.  

Just getting up fifteen minutes earlier each morning, will give you plenty of time to grab the daily Bite of Bread, a cup of coffee and oatmeal.

Be good to yourself.

I’m reading with you. This week the verses are from two of my favorite psalms.

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Which psalm is your favorite? What do you eat for breakfast? Can you feel the difference in the day when you don’t have time to munch on the Word?

With purpose,







  1. April

    I’m just getting back to being in the Word in the morning, realized I need it to set the tone for my day. Thanks for the verses this week to get me back in the habit, they’re perfect!! And your breakfast sounds so good, I’ve been on the refrigerator oats kick lately! My fave is oats, banana cream Oikos Greek yogurt, a splash of almond milk, chia seeds, and half a banana…refrigerate overnight and it’s ready to go!!

    1. Hey April! So glad you stopped by. I’ve never heard of refrigerator oats. That sounds amazing! May have to try that. Blessings on your spiritual breakfast. I’m excited for you to get back into the Word in the mornings.

  2. sondradron

    My favorite breakfast on Sunday is a gluten free molasses-ginger cookie dipped in my coffee. Then I raid the fruit tray at church.
    My favorite Psalm is 18. Verse 6 “My cry to Him reached His ears.” Verses 7-15 He speeds to my rescue. Verse 16 “He drew me out of deep waters.”

    1. Sondra, you always make me laugh. Thank you. I love those verses you shared. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a chuckle (and others who read the comments.)

  3. Mable Mason

    Thanks so much for you posts!
    Always a blessing to read an the exact scripture was 103:3 in Psalms I still go to it when pain comes because it says ( all thy disease) love it. Have a blessed day

    1. Thanks Mabel! Psalm 103:3! Yes!

  4. Jan Doke

    My favorite breakfast is cold fried catfish or cold chicken fried steak. My favorite Psalms are 139 and 63. They have it all! Good calories for any kind of day ahead.

    1. LOL Jan Doke! Of course that’s your favorite breakfast! I remember you eating a tuna fish sandwich at 7;00 am with a bottle of coke instead of coffee! I love those Psalms too (smile.) Thanks for reading and sharing!

  5. Mable Mason

    Thanks for this bite of bread today.
    I’m not much on breakfast since I work 2 ND shift, but my favorite Psalms is chapter 103.
    God gave me Psalms 103 when I was having back pain. Herniated disc but I believe that he healed me. P.T.L!!
    I was in so much pain an I cried out to him one morning an he spoke the healing scripture to me… Just wanted to share an may God bless you

    1. Hi Mabel! Thanks for sharing Psalm 103 and God’s healing! I looked up Psalm 103 right away; it is indeed a good one. I hope others will read your comment and look it up too. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Blessings!

  6. Janice

    So true for me… God is so good & we are all so different! Your breakfast food sounds great! But, I would be hungry all day after the sugar/carbs… God’s Word works for all appetites! Thanks, Andy!

    1. Maybe that’s why I’m already hungry, Janice! I need protein too! LOL! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Much love.

  7. Christine Perez

    Thank you Andy for being such an encouragement!

    1. You’re welcome, Christine! So glad you’ve found the blog. I pray it helps fill you up during the week.

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