Are You Being or Doing?

I am ADHD when it comes to reading books/devotionals. I have six going on at the same time but none consistently.

There was a time in my life when I got up every morning early to read the section of Scripture assigned for “getting through the Bible in the year”, read three devotionals, and worked on a Bible study. All done before my kids woke up.

I also went for a run after all family members were transported to their school and work.

I helped a lot of people.

I taught Bibles studies, preached, cleaned, prayed, counselled, went to school. I was….busy. Today my busy is not as ordered.

It felt good to do, do, do, go, go, go and to be very consistent with a quiet time, and it makes me question just how well I’m doing today. As I said, my busy looks different.

I spend much more time alone. My laptop and I are adjoined at the hip. This is my new ministry of sorts. And it is strange, I have to admit.

I still follow a daily reading plan, but not every day. I still read 3 or 4 devotionals. But now I read them as the Spirit leads. Today He led me to His Utmost for His Highest…

“It is much easier to do something than to trust in God; we see the activity and mistake the panic for inspiration. That is why we see so few fellow workers with God, yet so many working for God. We would much rather work for God than believe in Him” (Chambers, June 1).

Yes, I read June 1, not June 4! I’m not even reading the correct day these days.

The doing part of me is screaming, “Get organized! Get up earlier! Get it together!” The being part of me is enjoying this season and hopes to glean all the rest and trust I can hold in preparation for the next chapter God will write.

What about you? Do you struggle with the doing and the being?

My prayer for us today:

“Dear Lord, Thank you for this new day. Please order our steps. Calm our worries. If we need to continue to do, then fill us with abounding energy. But if we are to simply be today, please grant us Your Spirit of peace and trust. How we want to know the balance (if there is such thing) of doing and being. Use us for Your Kingdom today no matter what that looks like. We love you. Amen”

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