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A testimony about my LIVE teachings….

“I love filling up with a friend from the south each morning and today was exactly what I needed! Andy Lee does Facebook live stream each morning, check it out to help fill your cup so you can keep filling up others.” ~Erika Kanter


Live Videos

Technology is amazing. We can love it or hate it. And I’m loving this ability to invite you into my living room on Thursday nights at 7:20 PM ET to discuss the Bite of Bread verse for the day. I broadcast through Facebook Live from my Andy Lee (Andrea Stone) timeline. I also will share it on my Author page.

Simply go to Andy Lee (Author) and “like” the page if you haven’t already.

If you could use some soul encouragement, I hope you will join us!

Gather your Bible, journal, and pen. Pour some coffee or your favorite tea, and come on over!

The broadcasts start at 7:20 PM and last around 25-30  minutes.

But if you aren’t a Facebook person, you can find the videos on You Tube. 


Come Dig Deep with Me and feed your soul with a Bite of Bread!





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