Live Video Bible Study

Virtual Fellowship

All of us need some spiritual food in the middle of the week, and the best part about this Bible study is you can join from the comfort of your own home and watch in your p.j.s!

Join us on Wednesday nights at 7:30 ET to dig deep into the Bite of Bread scriptures for the week. I broadcast through Facebook Live from my Andy Lee (Andrea Stone) timeline. I also share it on my Author page after it’s recorded.

Simply go to Andy Lee (Author) and “like” the page if you haven’t already to receive any updates and follow me on my personal FB timeline to get the notifications when I go live. 

Gather your Bible, journal, and pen. Pour some coffee or your favorite tea, and come on over!

The broadcasts last around 25-30  minutes.

But if you aren’t a Facebook person, you can find the videos on You Tube. 

Come Dig Deep with Me and feed your soul with a Bite of Bread!

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