The Book of Ruth Key Word Bible Study

 Ruth Study Cover

The Bible was written in languages very different from our own. Though our translators have done their best to find an English counterpart, special nuances of words have been lost. The Key Word Bible Study Series will change the way you read and study the Bible. These in-depth word-studies use the Old and New Testament dictionaries from The Key Word Study Bible to help you discover new life within this ancient New York Times Bestseller (the Bible).

The Book of Ruth Key Word Study is a thirty-one day Bible study journey into one of the most beloved books of the Bible. Each lesson focuses on a Hebrew word, bridges the gap from the Old Testament to the New, and invites our hearts to respond.  If you know you’re somewhere you aren’t supposed to be, mad at God, or in need of provision, this study is for you. Come dig beyond the black and white text and find the secret to hope, redemption, and promise that lasts a lifetime.  [AMG Publishers]

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  • “Andy Lee has taught me more about the Bible than anyone in my lifetime. (And I’m not a spring chicken) If you have a desire to “dig deeper” into The Word, make her Ruth Bible Study a priority for your daily devotion time. I highly recommend it for group Bible Studies as well. Andy Lee is truly anointed and will open your eyes and ears like never before.”


  • “Andy Lee’s study on Ruth takes a different approach to studying this important book of the Bible than most by focusing us on a specific key word from the original Hebrew. Learning the original meaning to these words takes us deeper into the heart of what God was doing and in and through Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. Plus, it creates a curiosity for studying more key words all throughout the Bible, opening up more of God’s life-changing word to the student. The glossary of key words in the back of the study becomes a helpful resource for future studies long after the student is finished with this one.”


  • “One of the best studies I’ve ever been part of. This key word study brought Ruth alive in a new and extraordinary way. So beautifully written and rich with detail…highly recommend for both individual and group study!”