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Trusting God’s Faithfulness When the Storms Come

  Hurricane Irma is battering Southern Florida as I type. I check in with my daughter every few hours to see how she is doing at her in-laws house in Ft. Lauderdale. It does a mama’s heart good to read her text. I’ve prayed for the storm to die. For the winds to calm and it’s strength to dissipate. But …

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Bite of Bread: 7 Scriptures to Help You Trust God when Prayers aren’t Answered

  What do you do when the answer doesn’t come? You’ve prayed and prayed. Nothing. What do you do when the answer doesn’t come as you prayed? When the answer is not what you believed. The deal fell through. You didn’t get the job. The divorce became final, or cancer won the battle. I’ve not experienced all these scenarios, but I’ve …

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