A Witness of God’s Grace

Are you a witness of God’s grace? Have you experienced His kindness when all seemed lost? Or when you deserved it the least? This is what Naomi and Ruth experienced this week in our journey through the book of Ruth. When Naomi’s family moved to Moab, their move wasn’t pleasing to God. Though we could … Continue reading “A Witness of God’s Grace”

chair and timing

His Timing Is Perfect

Have you ever walked into the grocery really fast just to pick up one thing, and out of the blue you ran into someone you’ve been meaning to call? You’ve intended to check on them; they’ve been you mind, but you’ve not gotten to it. Then, all of a sudden there they are standing in … Continue reading “His Timing Is Perfect”

Are You Covered?

It’s one of my favorite scenes in the Bible. Boaz awakes suddenly, turns over to find a woman next to him and her words were, “Will you cover me please?” Well, not in those specific words. That’s the Andy Lee paraphrase. This is how Ruth 3: 9 reads: There have been many debates about the … Continue reading “Are You Covered?”

When You Need to Uncover Your Hurt

Hiding my hurt, well, it’s a weakness. I can’t. My face will not do what I tell it to do. Some of ya’ll know what I’m talking about. My heart won’t obey either. It aches even when I list my blessings. Sometimes focusing on the things I’m thankful for helps, but the hurt still lingers. … Continue reading “When You Need to Uncover Your Hurt”

chesed of God

The Chesed of God Gives Hope

The word Chesed (Ke-sed) plays a vital role in our Bible. Hidden under layers of translation, culture, and language, we don’t understand the measure of its importance. “Kindness” fulfills one aspect of its meaning, but grace and mercy also define the word. Chesed also reveals a covenant, a relationship. The story of Ruth displays a … Continue reading “The Chesed of God Gives Hope”

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