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Messy Relationships, Prayer and Reconciliation

Relationships are hard! There, I said it. From marriage to friendships to church family, loving each other brings challenges, miscommunication, and deep wounds. What do you do with the challenges of being human? It’s tempting to run away when words puncture our hearts. When we’re hurt over and over again we may want to light a match to burn the …

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How Do I Find My Purpose?: Trust God part 2 (Process to Purpose Series)

“Trust in the Lord…” Psalm 37:3   What does it mean to trust? I’m so glad you asked. According to Webster, trust is: Confidence in… the honesty the integrity the reliability the justice …of another person or thing. Is it hard for you to have confidence in the honesty, integrity, reliability, and justice of God? One friend commented last week that she doesn’t …

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