When Faith Hurts

I was raw. Jesus’s words in Mark 11:24 (one of our “bites” this week) reopened a wound. I thought it was healed years ago. It no longer bleeds. It doesn’t even ooze, but there’s still a raw spot there, and I scraped it this week studying these verses about faith. “Have faith in God,” Jesus … Continue reading “When Faith Hurts”

Praying to Keep God the Apple of MY Eye

    “Keep me the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” ~Psalm 17:8   One of my favorite photographs is a picture of my son taken when he was three. His chubby cheeks beckon a momma’s touch, and his awkward smile echoes the sound of “cheeeezzzz . . .” … Continue reading “Praying to Keep God the Apple of MY Eye”

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