The Difference Between a Dream and a Call

  It’s my second manuscript deadline in three months. I’m thinking that’s probably not normal, but when God moves, hold onto your hat. Be careful what you pray for? Absolutely not! Just be ready when God says, “Yes.” Writing is therapy for me. I always learn so much in the process and often answer questions of my own as I …

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Word Wednesday: Mary was an Ebed of God

    I wonder what Mary of Nazareth was doing when Gabriel showed up. Maybe she was praying. Maybe she was sweeping her floor. All we really know is that she was alone until Gabriel appeared. It’s one of the most beloved scenes in the Bible. Imagine being called by God to give life to the Messiah. There is an …

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Don’t Give Up: His Purpose for you is Greater than You can See

  “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the Lord.” (Jer. 29: 13). (excerpt from A Mary Like Me) ….Mary of Nazareth, the mother of Jesus, was not alone at the crucifixion. Not only was John with her, but other women stood beside her. One …

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Word Wednesday: Don’t Send Her Away/ Aphiemi

    An excerpt from A Mary Like Me.   ….The aroma of baked matzo and roasted lamb filled the room as Martha dished up the food. They were celebrating the new life Lazarus received from Christ just a chapter ago. This meal was a great celebration of life; music playing, wine flowing, and laughter filling the home. Until, that …

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Word Wednesday: Agathos/ Better or Useful?

I’m sharing a little bit of A Mary Like Me today. This is one of my favorite chapters…well…personally, I like all of the chapters, but THIS ONE is close to my heart. The book was written to encourage women to step out into their calling. Sometimes we compare ourselves to talented peers and saintly biblical women and decide we can’t …

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