If I’m a Christian, Why Am I Not Happy? (A Study on Joy)

      Do you compare yourself to your friend who seems too happy all. the. time? Do you find yourself questioning, “Why am I not happy?! I’m a Christian! Where’s the joy?” Well, my friends, join the “struggling for joy crowd.” We all have our days, weeks, months, and years when joy seems unattainable. … Continue reading “If I’m a Christian, Why Am I Not Happy? (A Study on Joy)”

The Goodness of God

  I heard Jesus was back in town, But I didn’t want to go. I was just so confused and hurt when he didn’t heal my Lazarus I didn’t want my face to show.   How could I commune with the One Who could’ve taken her pain away? Who told me this sickness would not … Continue reading “The Goodness of God”

Bite of Bread (Bible Reading Plan): He’s Got You

  Just in case problems swarm around you. In case change threatens your peace or illness shadows your joy. Just in case anxiety steals your sleep. . . This Bite of Bread is for you. But even if life is good and peace pervades your soul, this reading plan will encourage you. No matter what; … Continue reading “Bite of Bread (Bible Reading Plan): He’s Got You”

The Battle Against Depression: Just Breathe.

  “Praise the LORD. Praise God in His sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens. Praise Him for His acts of power; praise Him for His surpassing greatness.” Psalm 150:1.2 I needed these verses today. Sometimes I need help finding the words to adequately praise God. There are days when I can feel the unseen … Continue reading “The Battle Against Depression: Just Breathe.”

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