7 Scriptures on “Beautiful”#BiteofBread

(Don’t miss the giveaway at the end!) The other day, I stood in a friend’s kitchen chatting and waiting on her guests to arrive, when one of the little neighbor girls came in to ask for a drink of water. She sported a purple one-piece with pink polka-dots, and her brown ringlets, damp from the … Continue reading “7 Scriptures on “Beautiful”#BiteofBread”

Word Wednesday is back! I’ve Never Liked the Word “Submit” Until Now

Planning a wedding in two weeks doesn’t allow much time for marital counseling. I think we spent only thirty minutes with our pastor twenty-five years ago. As we settled into chairs facing our silver-haired sage, he opened his Bible to Ephesians 5:22 and read, “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.” Yep, those … Continue reading “Word Wednesday is back! I’ve Never Liked the Word “Submit” Until Now”

Steven James Book Giveaway: Sailing Between the Stars

    A fable written by Steven James in his book, Sailing between the Stars: The craftsman fingered the flute he had just made. “My child, you’re newly born, but already pregnant. You’re pregnant with wedding songs and funeral dirges and lyrical tunes of the traveling bands. The music of the world lies in your … Continue reading “Steven James Book Giveaway: Sailing Between the Stars”

hope scriptures

6 Scriptures on Hope

I passed by a sign one day that said, “Fear is contagious, but hope is too.” That’s fitting for our current world situation. So many are afraid, and I know some are losing hope even though it seems we’re nearing the end of the quarantine. But hope is needed in many areas of life. Pandemic … Continue reading “6 Scriptures on Hope”

Obeying God When It’s hard

Sometimes it’s easy to follow God. But other times His leading may be unclear or hard to obey because it doesn’t seem to make sense to us. Obeying God can be difficult. I was always an obedient child. It wasn’t because I was GOOD. My obedience grew from another source, a desire to please. Yep, … Continue reading “Obeying God When It’s hard”

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