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Keep Wanting More

My mornings come early again. I’ve been rising in the dark to take the newest member of the Lee household outside. Funny, I think God wants me awake before dawn. Children now grown, cat who woke me up at 4:00AM gone, and then…a baby with floppy ears, puppy breath, wagging tail and tiny bladder enters my life. When my feet first hit …

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anger, scripture, worry


The other day I was mad. Yes, hot, stinkin’ frustrated mad. I didn’t want to be. I wanted to let the frustration roll off my back and be logical about it, but my thoughts just wouldn’t behave. And honestly, I didn’t want to make them behave. I just wanted to be mad. I stewed and half-prayed. Refused to turn on the …

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The voice on the other end of the phone spoke with clarity and wisdom. She gently said, “Our language creates our reality.” I asked that she repeat it. This was worthy of writing down. I quickly grabbed a pen and paper, and I scribbled as she obliged. “Our language creates our reality.” I was mesmerized and entertained by the poetic yet potent …

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An Answered and Unanswered Question

If you have lived long enough (which I think all who read this blog have!), you have learned that though many mysteries of Christ have been revealed to us through His words and actions, at times life seems to contradict what Jesus said. Now, before you hang me up by my toenails for that statement, give me a minute to …

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