Pentecost in November?

….Leave the cross with me (yesterday’s post) and come to the day of Pentecost. (I know, we haven’t celebrated Christmas yet…work with me.) Jesus appeared to His apostles after His death, and before He ascended into heaven, He instructed them not to leave Jerusalem. So the group of followers returned to Jerusalem where they met in … Continue reading “Pentecost in November?”

More than a Temporary "Fix"

On the day of Jesus’ death there were no angels in sight. There were no signs given by heavenly beings matching Gabriel’s words to Mary; there was only the nauseating, faith-snatching scene of the Son of God nailed upon a cross. It was a day like no other, and Mary of Nazareth probably thought that it … Continue reading “More than a Temporary "Fix"”

At the Foot of the Cross

No doubt, there were days when Mary questioned it all. Days when she felt unqualified to raise the Son of God, days when she didn’t understand Jesus’ actions or the way His ministry was unfolding before her eyes. Oh, she held on to Gabriel’s words for all they were worth. And she often found her … Continue reading “At the Foot of the Cross”

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