Kindness Bible Reading Plan

Cultivating Kindness in This Season of Hate

It’s been a devastating week of death, hatred, and injustice. Sorrow has manifested in riots and destruction since the death of George Floyd. Our country needs healing. I believe kindness could begin the process. The kindness I’m talking about does not come natural to us. As broken people living in a shattered world where discrimination, … Continue reading “Cultivating Kindness in This Season of Hate”

generosity challenge

The Generosity Challenge

Listen here: 🙂 I don’t always feel like being generous, but when I do give generously, I’ve noticed something wonderful happens. When I give generously, I experience joy. Maybe you’ve experienced this too. I hope you have. You may not need an article this week about the importance of giving, but I’ve experienced during this … Continue reading “The Generosity Challenge”

hope scriptures

6 Scriptures on Hope

I passed by a sign one day that said, “Fear is contagious, but hope is too.” That’s fitting for our current world situation. So many are afraid, and I know some are losing hope even though it seems we’re nearing the end of the quarantine. But hope is needed in many areas of life. Pandemic … Continue reading “6 Scriptures on Hope”

Scripture to Pray When You Don’t Have the Words

When you don’t have the words to pray, God does. Scripture can help us. Have you been so frustrated facing problem after problem (after problem) that you couldn’t find words to cry out to God? I have. Has an illness snuffed out the fire of your faith, and prayer seems a vain attempt to be … Continue reading “Scripture to Pray When You Don’t Have the Words”

3 Ways to Battle Discouragement

The other day, out of the blue, discouragement washed over me. Words spoken poured over my soul like a bucket of cold water. I’m about to confess something to you that took me by surprise, so when I tell you, please don’t think less of me. I can’t believe the thought came to my mind … Continue reading “3 Ways to Battle Discouragement”

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