Repentance for country's healing

3 Aspects of Repentance and Why We Need to Do It Now

Repentance is not a very popular topic. Personally, I’d rather write about worship or grace. Yet, since the pandemic, a lot of  preachers and speakers are telling Americans to repent. I struggled with this at first. Do we need to? This sent me to my knees asking God to show me what repentance really is … Continue reading “3 Aspects of Repentance and Why We Need to Do It Now”

God's Kindness

6 Scriptures on the Kindness of God

I placed a banner on a wall in my classroom that says, “Work Hard and Be Kind.” I’m not sure it’s doing any good. Sixth graders are so self absorbed. Kindness is a word that our culture has adopted lately. It’s a “cool” word. You can find it on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and wall hangings. … Continue reading “6 Scriptures on the Kindness of God”

Discerning Prophecy

3 Keys to Help Discern Today’s Prophecies

It seems every time I open Facebook, someone has sent me a new video of a prophecy about our country. Honestly, I usually ignore them (sorry), but last week I watched two. After listening to these men, both pastors, I immediately noticed three very different things about their prophecy. And that prompted this article and … Continue reading “3 Keys to Help Discern Today’s Prophecies”

changed by grace

Amazing Grace that Changed Me

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved changed a wretch like me” (Andy Lee version.) It’s probably sacrilegious to change that line. Please don’t unsubscribe until you’ve read the whole thing. It is one of my favorite old hymns too. I need God’s grace to save me, but my friends, I’m so desperate for … Continue reading “Amazing Grace that Changed Me”

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