Book/Writing/Branding Mentor

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If you clicked on this page, chances are, you have a book in your heart. God has called you to tell your story. Honestly, writing the book is the easy part, but authorship requires much more today.

To better understand the industry you’ve been called to join, answer these questions based on the last book you bought.

  1. Was the author well known?
  2. What did the book promise?
  3. What did you like about the author’s voice?

Your answers reflect how people choose books. We predominantly read books written by authors we know. We read books that promise to help improve our lives, and we buy books well written with a strong or unique voice.

I’ve walked this publishing journey for over a decade, and I’ve made mistakes and enjoyed wins including three contracts with traditional publishers. I’ve also taught classes at writers conferences. I want to pass on what I’ve learned and am learning as I continue this profession. And I know how important it is to have a cheerleader beside you cheering you on. That’s what I’ll do as your writing/branding mentor.

My mentoring packages have been crafted to help you grow in all areas of authorship to make a greater impact with your story. I’m a nonfiction mentor, however, I do offer Writing 101 and 102 if you need to start with refresher courses on the basics of quality writing. You may have a novel in you, but you may need writing 102 to improve your voice.

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6 month Packages

All packages includes 6 monthly Zoom meetings for instruction, collaboration, and assignments. Writing packages include monthly recorded lessons followed 2 weeks later with a Zoom call to go over your assignment. The videos with assignments and one-on-one Zoom calls will help you reach your goals.

Each package is $75 per month.

Branding/Book Mentor Package #1

You’ve got a book idea, but you don’t know where to begin with branding and platform. You also need guidance preparing for a conference. (If you’re serious about publishing your book, I cannot stress enough the importance of attending a writers conference.) Networking plays a huge role in this industry.

Monthly Topics:

  1. – Branding (Website)
  2. – Branding (Social)
  3. – MailChimp (Email list)
  4. – Making Images (Canva)
  5. – One-Sheet
  6. – Proposal

Branding/Book Mentor Package #2

You’ve started your platform and the book. You’ve attended conferences with little success. You need help and encouragement.

Monthly Topics:

  1. Evaluating/ Improving Branding (Website)
  2. Evaluating/Improving Branding (Social Media)
  3. Growing Email list with Landing Pages (You must be familiar with a mailing system like MailChimp.)
  4. Critiquing your one-sheet.
  5. Critiquing your proposal.
  6. Editing first five pages.

Writing Mentor/ Package #3 (Writing 101)

You have a dream to write a book, but it’s been a long time since English class. Your pen is rusty. Refresh your grammar and learn tools of the trade to make your writing fresh, tight, and compelling.

Monthly Topics:

  1. Sentences and Sentence Fragments.
  2. Action and Linking Verbs/ Active sentences
  3. Prepositions
  4. Subjects and objects
  5. Nouns and Pronouns
  6. Verb tenses and conjugation

Writing Mentor /Package #4 (Writing 102)

You’ve got the basics, now you’re ready to use your words for the greatest impact.

Monthly Topics:

  1. Words to Avoid
  2. Tighter, Active Sentences
  3. The Rhythm of the Pen.
  4. Paragraph Hooks and Parallel Structure
  5. Writing project first draft. (Critique and edit)
  6. Writing project second draft. (Critique and edit)

Let’s Chat!

If you are interested in one or several of the mentoring packages, let’s talk! Fill out the contact form, and we’ll schedule a 15 minute chat to see how I can best help you.