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Bite of Bread: Living for Something Greater

I have this thing about my hair.

I hate to admit it. But I’m such a girl when it comes to my locks. My “do”never seems to be just right. It’s either too short or too long, too thick, too crazy wavy or too straight. I let it grow; I get it cut. I find a style I like but tire of it, and then I get it cut only to miss what I had.

I’m a mess.

Today, I had a thought I’ve never had. As I drove to church an older lady with beautiful white hair passed by, and these words drifted through my brain, “I can’t wait to have gray hair.”

Are. You. Serious?! My other thought voice countered.

And the answer deep inside responded. . . yes. 

It’s weird. I’m beginning to embrace this new season of almost fifty. But it’s so counter-intuitive to what this world bombards us with that I have to believe that this new-found peace with aging was from God–His Holy Spirit as He prepares my heart more and more for the eternal realm.

The Apostle Paul lived with a great hunger for heaven.

His letters constantly remind us that this life is not the end. But Paul didn’t sit around bemoaning his hair or worrying about what he would eat next or whether or not he should get cable or dish. Paul lived to tell others about Jesus and help them live in their faith.

Paul wrote, “For if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.”

I’ve always thought a new creation looked like the 180 turn from sinful habits, but studying the Bite of Bread reading plan and a Greek word my Wednesday Bible study group discussed last week has enabled me to understand this verse in a new light. I’m hoping this reading plan will enlighten you too–it will bring freedom and joy.

We’ll be talking about this new understanding this week, so stay tuned.

Bite of Bread Living for greater


Got your Bible and journal? Ready to spend some time with the One who loves you more than you can imagine?

Pour the coffee.

Isn't this the prettiest cup of coffee? It was mine!

Light a candle.

Deposit any worries you have in your journal. Ink them down and close the book. They have been emptied into the hands of the Healer, Redeemer, Savior, Master, and Friend.

Always ask Him for a new understanding of each verse as you read them daily. Underline or highlight each and maybe write them down in your journal. There’s something about penning them onto the paper.

And if you are on Twitter, join me in the mornings, 8:30 EDT, on Periscope for a short devotional about the Bite for the day. You can find me @wordsbyandylee.

I’m so excited about this week and what we will be learning together!


What does it mean to you to be a new creation in Christ?


Jesus loves you,





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