Bite of Bread: Help Me Trust You



For some of us, “trust” is a four letter word. (It’s really five letters.)

We grew up in homes with angry parents, or someone we loved betrayed us.

It’s just so hard to trust an invisible God.

But God is not man. Faithful is His middle name. Love is the core of His being, and kindness radiates from His presence.

He is faithful even when we are faithless.

No matter what you’re going through this week, I pray these verses about trusting God and reasons to trust Him will strengthen your faith and usher peace into those fearful places.

Jot down these verses in your journal, take a screen shot, pin it on Pinterest, or share on your Facebook timeline so you can come back to the reading plan everyday. I’ll post it on our Fellowship page too.

Spend each day with the only One who can be trusted.



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