Obeying God When It’s hard

Sometimes it’s easy to follow God. But other times His leading may be unclear or hard to obey because it doesn’t seem to make sense to us. Obeying God can be difficult. I was always an obedient child. It wasn’t because I was GOOD. My obedience grew from another source, a desire to please. Yep, … Continue reading “Obeying God When It’s hard”

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Obedience is Better than Sacrifice Everyday

There have been seasons in my life when God has opened up a door or stirred a restlessness in my spirit, and I’ve not moved. Fear stopped me. Or confusion. Or simply not wanting to listen. Guilty. But there have been times when God fanned a flame of desire in me I could not ignore … Continue reading “Obedience is Better than Sacrifice Everyday”

How to Know When to Let Something Go

Sometimes it is difficult to know if you should let something go, like a job, or keep on doing it. It’s hard to discern if we are feeling God’s nudge, or our own emotions. A few years ago I worked as a care assistant for an elderly neighbor. It was the one paying job on … Continue reading “How to Know When to Let Something Go”

Are You Restless? It Could be God trying to tell You something.

  Has anybody asked you lately, “How are you doing with God? Does your spirit feel at peace or are you restless? Does something fight within, but you can’t put your finger on it to settle the tremors? Usually when I feel this way, God is trying to tell me something. I experienced this a few years … Continue reading “Are You Restless? It Could be God trying to tell You something.”

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