How to be Patient when You’re Not

We’ve all been there. We’ve sat at the obnoxiously long red light. Is it broken?!  We’ve yelled with our inside voice (maybe our outside one), Come! On! We play with the radio, maybe check our phone (even if we aren’t supposed to), and we can feel our blood pressure rise. Sitting still is not one … Continue reading “How to be Patient when You’re Not”

The Fruit of the Spirit: What is True Love?

Love. It’s a word that stirs up different images and feelings for each of us. A word defined by culture. I think our grandparents or great-grandparents would define it differently than we. But what is true love? According to an article on the site Life, Hope, and Truth, by Eddie Foster,  “Love” has been horribly abused … Continue reading “The Fruit of the Spirit: What is True Love?”

Finding a Healthy Self-Image

  Finding a healthy self-image can be tricky. When my kids were small, I prayed for them to be humbly confident. I wanted them to be self-assured in school and all they did, but I didn’t want them to be prideful or overly confident. Nobody likes a know-it-all. And though pride can be a good … Continue reading “Finding a Healthy Self-Image”

Dealing with Difficult People {Help!}

We all have them in our lives, those people we would rather not be near. No matter how hard we try to be peaceful, they push our buttons. They’re angry, selfish, antagonizing, maybe manipulating. Maybe all of those things. We try avoiding them. But it’s impossible when you work or live with them. So, what … Continue reading “Dealing with Difficult People {Help!}”

Identity in Christ

I’ll never forget the day we sold our mini-van. It was the weirdest thing. I couldn’t wait to get rid of it, the mom-van decorated with college bumper stickers. But when the day finally came, I felt a deep sadness creep into my soul. Selling it closed the end of an era of our family. … Continue reading “Identity in Christ”

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