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An Offering of Faith

Have you ever done something because you believed you should? There were no grandiose emotions erupting from your soul– just a small little voice nudging you forward. Sometimes when I write my post, I feel the words coming out of me. I’m a feel-er. I could easily be an emotionaholic . Following my emotions is… Read More An Offering of Faith

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More than a Temporary "Fix"

On the day of Jesus’ death there were no angels in sight. There were no signs given by heavenly beings matching Gabriel’s words to Mary; there was only the nauseating, faith-snatching scene of the Son of God nailed upon a cross. It was a day like no other, and Mary of Nazareth probably thought that it… Read More More than a Temporary "Fix"

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Faith in His Perspective

The other day Mike and I were talking of how life gets harder as we get older because more and more people around us get sick, suffer loss, and face hardship. Of course, this is our view here on this earth. Our limited perception. Twenty-one years ago, at the beginning of our marriage, I fervently prayed for both… Read More Faith in His Perspective