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My YouTube channel is “Andy Lee”. But so is Andy Lee the boxer and football player and a thousand other Andy Lees who are popular on You Tube and have a hundred videos.

If you search for me, type “Andy Lee Bible study” or “Andy Lee Redeemed”.

The Redeemed message was given at one of our Lifepoint Women’s Nights. I’m so thankful for that opportunity. I love my church.

I have just begun to video my Ephesians Bible study teachings because I want my ladies who miss class to have a chance to catch up. It’s a class environment, so there is discussion that you cannot always hear, but I do try to repeat what they are saying.

I warn you–they are an hour long. So, don’t watch if you’re in a hurry!

Pour a cup of coffee, grab your Bible, and come dig into the Bible with us. Here’s the link to my channel. 

I pray they bless you!


Monday -Friday Morning Devotionals you can participate in!


You are invited to my kitchen table every weekday morning to study the Bible together. We meet at 8:20 ET, and we study the “bite” or verse for the day from the Bite of Bread Bible reading plan I post every Sunday evening. Just friend me or follow me on Facebook, and jump on around 8:20. You should receive a notification when I go live. If you can’t watch at that time, I post the live video on my page and my author page as well as You Tube (most days!) You can watch at the best time for you.


Digging Deep to Live Fully!








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