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Word Wednesday: Blessed: Makarioi/ Fully Satisfied (I want that!)



“God loves me.” I hear these words come out of my mouth when good things happen. I’m guilty. When circumstances are good, it’s easy to feel God’s presence and His favor, but when times get hard, it’s not so easy. Sometimes frustration, discouragement, or grief makes it impossible for me to feel the presence or love of God.

When earthly blessings prevail, it’s easy to feel blessed; when they don’t, we don’t.

But Jesus described “blessed” another way:

Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth… (Matthew 5:3-5)

Jesus always had a way of turning everything upside down. But He isn’t saying that the poor, grieving, and meek will be happy; He is saying so much more.

“The Greek word translated blessed is makarioi which means to be fully satisfied. In Classical Greek, the word referred to a state of blessedness in the hereafter. In the New Testament, however, the term is used of the joy that comes from salvation. This satisfying joy is not the result of favorable circumstances in life, but comes only from being indwelt with Christ.” (Zodhiates, Key-Word NIV. 1129)

The Greeks believed makarioi, blessing, full satisfaction, could not be reached until heaven.

The New Testament taught: blessing, full satisfaction, was experienced when Christ took residence inside a believer. 

Are you blessed as Christ spoke of the blessing… fully satisfied?

Psalm 37_3_collage

 Honestly, I’m not always fully satisfied. As I walked into Target the other day to (as Joyce Meyer calls it, minister to my emotions…a-hem—shop) this thought lingered in my mind: As long as I live in this world, I may not be fully satisfied.

I know my passing thought while walking into Target was not truth because there have been moments in this life when I’ve soaked in the Presence and love of Jesus. During those extraordinary days, I’ve known that nothing else was needed. I was full.

Yet we’re constantly bombarded with what the world says will fix our longing. It’s usually shiny or pretty. For some it’s simply that basic necessities of life–food, shelter, health. “When all my problems get fixed…when my health is restored…when_________________” (You fill in the blank.)

But the fix is always temporary.

Today I’ve thanked God for the less than full moments because they remind me that only something glorious and wonderful can fill the caverns within. All other blessings are temporary. And that makes me even more desperate to spend time with Jesus, trust God, LIVE this life, DO good, and feed on His faithfulness.

Let’s pray together:

Jesus, please forgive us when we try to fill the caverns within with anything but you. Thank you that nothing else can fully satisfy us. Fill us with your Holy Spirit. We pray everyday for more of your Spirit. Less of us…more of you! Amen.


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6 thoughts on “Word Wednesday: Blessed: Makarioi/ Fully Satisfied (I want that!)

  1. “This satisfying joy is not the result of favorable circumstances in life, but comes only from being indwelt with Christ.”

    I think the issue is that we equate joy and happiness. I don’t remember the location of the passage right now, but it refers to the deep joy of the soul. That’s the joy of being in Christ and Christ in me. And, actually, when I’m cognizant of this place of deep joy, I’ll also find a measure of happiness. It just doesn’t happen the other way around, and it’s definitely not tied to circumstances.

    I don’t think I’m saying anything you didn’t already say, Andy. 🙂 You just touched a spot in me this morning, and I think I needed to reflect by writing it again. (Could be that writer thing in me!)

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