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Bite of Bread: Our Heavenly Dwelling

  I’m not sure why, but I’ve found myself thinking a lot about heaven lately. It all started with a post I wrote on dragonflies. The fact those insects see colors we can’t see carried my thoughts to the possibility of “new” colors in heaven–colors already here that our eyes just don’t have the design to… Read More Bite of Bread: Our Heavenly Dwelling

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The Blessing of Patience #BiteofBread

Her voice has blessed my ear and my heart every week for fifteen years. Some years we’ve talked more often than others,  years when we desperately needed someone to hold our heart and carry us to the Father when we could not carry ourselves. Our voices have gently held the other through death of loved… Read More The Blessing of Patience #BiteofBread

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Learning to Abide in Christ #BiteofBread

  What does it mean to “Abide in Christ?” What does the word “abide” mean anyway? And how do we do “abide” living thousands of years after Jesus in a world and culture so very different than when his sandals walked in the dust of ancient Israel? Some of you might be thinking, “But Andy,… Read More Learning to Abide in Christ #BiteofBread